• Eliminate tensions surrounding technology use

  • Reduce digital distraction and improve focus

  • Open adult-child communication about technology

Is technology causing tension in your school and home?

I created TechClever to support schools and parents to navigate children's technology use without tension. The courses are dynamic, information-filled and accessible 24/7 to support parents and their children to navigate, communicate and feel in control of technology in the home and in the classroom.

For schools, it provides the opportunity to support parents and students with the latest information and research on technology in a truly flexible way. It answers the frequently asked question, "Where do I look for information and guidance?" and most importantly, it stops positioning technology as the enemy. TechClever champions positive change in digital wellbeing in schools and family homes.
TechClever Courses
TechClever Parents

TechClever Courses

The TechClever online courses are designed specifically to reimagine our relationships with technology. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, friend, student or school, the inadvertent stresses that technology can bring to your home and life can be eliminated if you have the right tools and a proactive approach. Explore more below.
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TechClever re-engages children to take control of technology

Listen to Dr Orlando explain how

This program has made me realise how my actions with technology have been sending my daughter the wrong message. Now I’m much more aware of what I do. My daughter has commented on the change. It’s made a change I didn’t think was possible.

Very useful website and information. So good to be able to have the conversations you suggested with all of my boys about social media….especially my 14 year old who is so focused on Instagram.

The standout feature of the TechClever Parents program is making us as parents realise that we are not alone in facing these issues and you have meaningful and practical ideas to help resolve these issues.

It was great to have the discussion with my 17-year-old that you suggested on screen time. Opening the lines of communication between us about this issue has been really good and your ideas have been really, really helpful. Thank-you!

The range of videos, inter-activities, podcasts and written text is excellent and provides different ways to get the information across. The content is outstanding, thorough and well put together.

TechClever courses are designed by Dr Joanne Orlando and University of Western Sydney

Hi, I’m Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed), a family digital literacy specialist who relentlessly explores how we can make children’s digital lives better. I develop meaningful approaches to online safety, digital wellbeing, and how children can maximise technology to make their lives better. This I believe this is the key to digital wellbeing for both children and their parents! I work extensively in the media as a TV presenter and commentator. I publish my cutting-edge research about children’s digital behaviour worldwide. I also work very closely with industry as a specialist consultant and speaker.
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Joanne appears regularly on these programs providing understanding and advice on family digital lifestyle

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