• Eliminate family stress surrounding technology

  • Improve family communication

  • Know you're doing it right

Is technology causing tension in your home?

Technology has improved the way we do so many things. From how we work, to how we communicate and also through to how we learn. But when it comes to our children, technology can often seem like the enemy. The enemy that causes arguments, communication issues, lack of sleep and a lot of stress. We all want to do the right thing when it comes to our kids and technology usage, but how do we know what the right thing is when there are so many opinions and advice out there!

As parents, one of the most important things we need to remember is technology is not the enemy. It will always be a part of our lives and our children's lives and offers so many opportunities and positives that were never available before. What can become the enemy - is when technology is out of control. And finding a way to create control through open communication and a shared understanding is where the solution really lies.
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The TechClever online course is a lifesaver for parents wanting to effectively navigate the world of technology with their family. It is a toolbox filled with specific guides on having the hard conversations and creating open communication channels between every member of the family AND it includes a variety of videos, case studies, quizes, interviews with kids and scenarios that help you tackle a whole variety of different technology-related questions.

It's also been tested and loved by a wide variety of families just like yours. Feel calmer and in control of technology in your home and open up the channels of communication surrounding technology forever. There's never a good time to have the difficult conversations - but once you do you can start embracing it more for the positives it can bring, rather than what it is stopping you doing as a family.
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Who is this course for?

The TechClever Parents online course is suitable for parents, grandparents, friends and anyone who wants the tools and strategies to tackle technology with both primary and secondary students. It assists with:

  • Social media

  • Video-gaming

  • Online bullying

  • Screen-time

  • Phone distraction

  • Digital wellbeing

  • Technology self-management

  • Online safety and security

TechClever for Parents

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What you'll find in the course:

The TechClever Parents course is simple and engaging and includes self-paced modules that match the needs of digital family life and features fun quizzes, case studies, podcasts, videos, latest research, challenges to do with your child, and interactive factsheets.

  • Start and finish the program at a time that suits you

  • Includes over 45 activities

  • Compatible with all devices

  • Split into 6 simple modules

  • Too busy? Just set aside 20 mins per module

  • Design matters: fun, interactive and simple to navigate

  • Activities for everyone in the family to do together

  • Updated content every 3 months

  • Lifetime access to the entire program plus upgrades

The examples are a great guide - means we don't have to think up these awkward situations ourselves, and provides a good example to readers of what can happen’

I have a 9 year old step-son who is tech obsessed and getting to the point where I felt like I needed to educate myself a bit, and found A LOT of your program super informative and very helpful when navigating sensitive topics with children.

I like that it wasn't just something you read from start to finish and get a nice email/certificate at the end to say 'well done'. You actually get to engage in the program - and you get those real 'ah-ha' moments when you complete some of the activities for parents (evaluating personal tech use etc)

Loved that the program focuses on learning about these things WITH your children. Current articles and research are a big plus for me (don't have to look yourself).

TechClever for Parents

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Course overview

  • 1


    • Welcome to the TechClever Parents Course
    • Your Program
    • Frequently asked questions
  • 2

    Digital Parenting Quiz

    • Quick instructions
    • Take the quiz
  • 3

    No. 1 parenting tip

    • Parenting digital children demystified in 5 minutes
  • 4

    Win-Win Screentime Strategies

    • In this section ...
    • Does your child have a screentime problem?
    • How children develop addictive screen habits
    • Why not to take away a child's phone as punishment
    • Forget old screen "time" rules. Focus on this instead
    • Technology Disrupted Sleep
    • 24 hour screen habits challenge
  • 5

    Relieving Family Technology Stress

    • In this section ...
    • Stop family arguments about technology
    • Steps to ensure healthy gaming habits
    • Does your child have a gaming addiction?
    • When your parenting strategies don't work
    • Repercussions of 'sharenting' too much
  • 6

    How Parents' Technology Habits Influence Children

    • In this section ...
    • What type of technology parent are you?
    • Digital habits children learn from parents
    • Are you a digitally distracted parent?
    • Master your own screen time
    • Do you secretly resent your child using technology?
    • Technology 'alone-ness' at home
    • Best home technology routines
  • 7

    Guiding Safe Technology Use

    • In this section ...
    • What would you do?
    • Are you a good online safety role model?
    • Know when your child is ready for social media
    • When social media challenges get dangerous
    • If your child is cyberbullied
    • Cybersafety and sexting
  • 8

    Less zombie scrolling, more learning

    • In this section ...
    • Step by step: Selecting best apps for your child
    • Notification-free homework
    • Stop your child being tricked online
    • Help your child spot fake online content
    • 5-11 years: Best uses of technology
    • Teens: Best uses of technology
  • 9


    • Privacy Policy
    • Disclaimer
    • Terms & Conditions

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TechClever courses are designed by Dr Joanne Orlando

Hi, I’m Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed), a family digital literacy specialist who relentlessly explores how we can make children’s digital lives better. I develop meaningful approaches to online safety, digital wellbeing, and how children can maximise technology to make their lives better. This I believe this is the key to digital wellbeing for both children and their parents! I work extensively in the media as a TV presenter and commentator. I publish my cutting-edge research about children’s digital behaviour worldwide. I also work very closely with industry as a specialist consultant and speaker.
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