• Make smarter choices about their technology usage

  • Prioritise technology uses that make them thrive

  • Help students develop Digital Leadership skills

Are your students managing their digital lifestyle effectively?

Young people use so many different forms of technology every single day - to communicate with friends and family, to learn new things and to be creative in their spare time. But have they ever really sat down to evaluate their technology use to determine which uses are making them feel good - and which ones are negatively impacting or causing them stress?
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I created the TechClever Students course to help students evaluate their own technology and consider how it is positively and negatively impacting their life.

The course itself is focused on the latest technology, digital lifestyle factors and current technological trends which I update regularly. This means when discussing technology, the course is more relevant to real situations facing students today.

When students take the time to examine their own technology use, they can break through social trends and start seeing technology as a choice and a tool that impacts them both for the better and for the worse. It fosters better communication about technology for the better.
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Welcome to TechClever

Take control of your technology

What students will get out of this course:

TechClever Students is an online program that guides young people through the process of examining and considering how technology is impacting their life - in both a positive and negative way. It focuses on their digital wellbeing and provides the practical tools to assist them in making smarter technology choices that suit them individually.

  • Conduct a self-assessment of their technology use

  • Identify which technology uses help them thrive and which ones don't

  • Examine causes of their negative technology usage

  • Manage mixed messages about technology to put their digital wellbeing first

  • Break through peer pressure to feel in control of their digital life.

  • Shift away from 'zombie scrolling' to more creative, productive uses.

  • Learn how to have harder conversations about technology with peers and family

TechClever for Students

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome
    • Getting started
    • Put your digital habits to the test
  • 2

    FAKE vs REAL

    • In this section...
    • 8 year old YouTuber earns $35 million
    • Be the judge. Real or misinformation?
    • Find out why
    • What do you think?
  • 3


    • In this section...
    • Should a 6 year old use technology like this?
    • Screentime, screen quality, screen buddies
    • Your technology uses under the microscope
    • To Do
    • Changes I can make
  • 4


    • In this section...
    • Should social media have likes?
    • Social media affects us all differently
    • What's your vote?
  • 5


    • In this section...
    • Would you believe this?
    • TikTok trends
    • Influencers and you
  • 6


    • In this section...
    • Your technology uses that stresses your friends
    • Your technology use that stresses your parents
    • Technology use that stresses your school
    • Juggling different expectations
  • 7


    • In this section...
    • When comments and messages go wrong
    • Managing online arguments
    • Managing online arguments (part 2)
    • Five facts about online hate
    • Your views on online hate
  • 8


    • In this section...
    • Why our phone is our new teddy
    • Technology uses that have the best and worst effect on us
    • Do you have good or bad technology habits?
  • 9


    • In this section...
    • Using technology as a second brain
    • Which uses of technology help you learn?
    • Technology: Learning help or hindrance?
    • Great apps to try
    • Amazing technology study hacks
  • 10


    • In this section
    • Your video gaming habits - good or bad?
    • Gaming: Do you have a problem?
    • Binge watching
    • What do you think?
  • 11


    • In this section
    • Are you playing into hackers' hands?
    • The 5 worst online shopping habits
    • Advice from a former hacker
  • 12


    • How helpful was this course?
    • A final word

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'I have a 9 year old step-son who is tech obsessed and getting to the point where I felt like I needed to educate myself a bit, and found A LOT of your program super informative and very helpful when navigating sensitive topics with children.'

'The examples are a great guide - means we don't have to think up these awkward situations ourselves, and provides a good example to readers of what can happen'

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TechClever courses are designed by Dr Joanne Orlando

Hi, I’m Dr Joanne Orlando (PhD, M.Ed, B.Ed), a family digital literacy specialist who relentlessly explores how we can make children’s digital lives better. I develop meaningful approaches to online safety, digital wellbeing, and how children can maximise technology to make their lives better. This I believe this is the key to digital wellbeing for both children and their parents! I work extensively in the media as a TV presenter and commentator. I publish my cutting-edge research about children’s digital behaviour worldwide. I also work very closely with industry as a specialist consultant and speaker.
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